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As the saying goes;“The least is the years, the most difficult to forget is memories.”
It was an afternoon, and the sun swayed its body and glowing with heat.I hid under the tree with a few little friends, delivering the only ice-cold soda that resisted summer, the cold of each man’s prayer, waiting for the evening.In front of me,there is a playground.This is the first time I know basketball courts, basketball boards and baskets, and I was introduced to my father, because he wanted me to grow tall.

From the beginning of the game, I knew about the so-called skill and exercise. I never knew that I had the equipment to say that even a pair of jeans and slippers could play an afternoon with a ball. By the time a kid from the city was transferred to the class, the size of the hundred and seventy-five was, in the third year of that time, we were already out of the sky.


He also loves playing, but it is very strange that every time he plays, he has to be ready for a long time. The best name is to say it beforehand. It is the first to take advantage of its devices, shirts, jordan shoes, wrists, kneecap, and fingertips. Some of our friends call it “five gods.”There is a common feature of these five armament: there is a sign on the appliance.If you look carefully,you can know it is the Air Jordan sign.

Yes,humans are always curious animals, and once they know the name of something new, they have an inexplicable attraction to make them want to study it more, and I am no exception.I read a lot of basketball magazines and watch games every year, even go through Jordan’s previous CD videos, game videos,I also more and more about cheap Jordan shoes.

From Jordan,I know he had won many competition and gained the title of king for the first time. Today it is called the God of Basketball. What may not be believed, however,it was that the earliest Jordan shoes were not made specifically for Jordan’s sake, but for the phrase “who can’t fly” and Nike set up air Jordan as a subordinate brand.

By the second generation of cheap jordans for sale, the Nike mark of retro jordans had been removed, and the French design concept was adopted, which was characterized by simple design concept.

The original font in the tongue feels thicker, and the original part of the sole has a size mark, which is a play-like villain, and I’ve been fascinated by Jordan and the flying air Jordan.

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