The Jordan brand should consider the reprinting of these 4 pairs of shoes

In 2015, Jordan Brand was sold as the signature shoe of Micheal Jordan of Nike for thirtieth years. Many of the sneakers that I haven’t seen for a long time have been reprinted this year. For example, the Air Jordan 4 Columbia, which was last sold in 1999, is sold in January this year, and its Air Jordan 4 Oreo from 1999 will also meet with us soon. It will meet us in January.Cheap Jordans for sale In our store.

Speaking of Air Jordan 4 in 1999, we have to mention the 1999 sale of the two pairs of the first year of the re – Engraved Air Jordan 4. A pair of Air Jordan 4 and a pair of white cement is Air Jordan 4 black, 1999 version of Nike Air first year follow logo engraved, let shoes have an unspeakable charm. There are news that the two pairs of shoes will come back in 2015, but there is no specific information.

AIr Jordan 5 Burgundy

Jordan <wbr>Brand <wbr>应该考虑复刻这五双球鞋

May be the most beautiful pairs of Air Jordan 5, released in December 2006, the perfect use of wine red suede is the same as the name of these shoes, as good as Burgundy wine. We hope it will be re-engraved, and I think I’m not the only one who regretted not collecting it in the past.

Air Jordan 3 Mocha

Jordan <wbr>Brand <wbr>应该考虑复刻这五双球鞋

The first pair of non-year-long color matching Air Jordan 3 Mocha (Mocha) on sale in 2001, pure, simple color. Imagine a winter coffee shop, just like the mocha that your sister helped you make, so you love it.

Air Jordan 6 Maroon

As one of the first five years of the Air Jordan 6, the Air Jordan 6 Maroon is the only one that has not been engraved. Only sold in the first year of 1991 once rumored in 2013, and finally abortion, cheap jordan shoes Air Jordan 6 Maroon the last one did not engraved the first year of color, so that more begin to enter the shoes field friends to see you Really right.

Air Jordan 8 Aqua

“The best shoe type, the best color matching.” A black shoe Collector’s evaluation of Air Jordan 8 Aqua may be different from everyone’s view of shoes, but these Air Jordan 8 Aqua will definitely be in your purchase list. It is said that Air Jordan 8 Aqua will be sold on the black Friday (November) on 2015.

The above 4 pairs of cheap air jordans shoes make us think that the shoes that Jordan Brand should sell repeatedly, and everyone’s aesthetic is different. So what is the most desired sneakers for you? Please leave a message at the bottom and tell us.

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