the story about first cheap jordan shoes


It was probably the third time in the summer of 2014 that Air Jordan 2 was brevetted.At that time, I was still preparing for the exam, but only in the tiger and FC Chinese station these places to learn about shoes and related knowledge.

When I saw jordan 2 of white and red one day, I fell in love with the shoes and even dreamed about them at night. My biggest wish was to buy them one day.

When I got to high school, I began to secretly save money, because I always felt that what I got with my own efforts was more meaningful, and I would cherish it more.Until the last summer before the college entrance examination, when chatting with a friend, he said that if I could pass the exam, I would be given a pair of retro jordan shoes.Just at that time,in 2003, I was more than about 20 points behind the line, and I got motivation when I heard what he said.


Until the second model test I bad, the night of my grades, I listened to the song in my iPod fell asleep, and in my dream there was Air Jordan 2 white red again.Perhaps it is the summer vacation when the goal set, and back to review. By the time the college entrance examination approached, unfortunately, I had caught a wind-hot cold, and I was very sick and had a hoarse voice.Fortunately, the day to see the examination room, the first day of the test was very smooth, the next day of the car is also expected.

After the exam, I did not go anywhere, more dare not answer, every day at home brush tiger. Until June 24, the day before my grades, I met a pair of cheap jordans for sale in the auction area.Although the size was half a yard and there was no original box, I did not hesitate to make a price, until no one else offered the bid, and finally took the pair of retro jordans with low price.

At noon, when the score was released, I did not go to check the results, but to watch the day before, “there is hip-hop in China.” It was not until my parents told me that I was relieved that the exam was OK. Over a line of 40 points, although it is not very high, but I and my family are very happy.

At this time, I talked to my parents about buying cheap jordans online, and both of them agreed, but I offered not to spend their money, but to pay with my next month’s part-time salary.

Then I am very began smoothly to dream of a pair of cheap jordans, under the chance coincidence. After listening to the voluntary lecture, I got my jordan shoes.I was so excited to wear this shoes and I thought there was nothing words can express my feelings at that time.I just think everything is fine.

Because there are too many stories behind this pair of cheap authentic air jordans shoes, it’s also the first pair of shoes I bought for my money.

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