The story of my sneakers with Jordan


This is the first time in my life Jordan shoes, which is also a pair of deepest feelings, it accompanied me from freshman to sophomore,from junior to senior. I always have been wearing him.And I never abandoned them and still wipe every day. It is air Jordan 4 Grey green “green glow”.

I still remember when I first knew that Jordan shoes were still on the basketball court and saw the air Jordan of others.And I couldn’t help asking what brand it was. After playing several balls with that person, I realized that it was Jordan brand.

I still remember that the sale was first come, first served, and it was six o’clock in the evening. I was in high school, and I was studying very hard, but I still went to the shoe store every day before the sale and asked my boss when and how to sell it.No matter what difficulties I have, I want this brand.

The night before the cheap jordans for sale, I saw that there were already three or four people at the door of the store when I finished school. I know this phenomenon is not good. I can’t arrange shoes overnight either. After all, because of the critical time of senior three, my parents definitely do not agree to it because of sneakers. I want to buy these shoes and often stay up very late.


At that time,I thought I’d find an excuse to get up early tomorrow. I told my parents that I needed to get to school early tomorrow morning. When I arrived at the shoe store at 05:00, I was foolish and sold 20 pairs of shoes.Look at me and my classmates, my heart suddenly cold,I thought no chance, but this was not to give up to buy this pair of cheap air jordans?

And in the hand of a “shoe dealer” asked about shoes, of course, and his price was still increased 450 yuan, there was no way to get him, I was fighting.I bought this.

As a freshman, in the youth, male hormones are highly exuberant, especially on the pitch, especially in the air Jordan 4 gray-green “green glow” bought in senior year.

Of course, in addition to shoes, I would like some girl. Like girls,I remember the first love of a girl, and she was about to celebrate her birthday, thought, if you can send a Jordan Frey-green GS to her she will be moved with me?

Those days, I tried my best to save money, every day I spared time to go to part-time work, looking for more money at home, just in order to collect enough gray green Jordan shoes’ money before her birthday.

Aha,the other lovers are lovers like the suit, but we are the same cheap Jordans, now I think it is full of memories.Even thought I broke up with her in the end.

To be frankly,life is like this, which full of changes, but air Jordan 4 Grey green “green glow”. It will not change and will always be with me. I still regard this as a treasure.

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