Why Cheap Jordan Shoes More Suitable For Asians An Unprecedented?

Out of 32 years of Cheap Jordans, and finally learned to change the shoe lasts for Asians, I think this is one of the most touching things this year, Air Jordan 32 on behalf of the PF version. According to reports, the PF means Performance Fit, and you see in other NIKE basketball shoes EP, Engineered Performance, on behalf of the Asian foot shape and tailor-made last type.


I do not know if you have bought half the code Air Jordan 31 and 30 embarrassing, anyway, my feet wide, these two pairs of shoes, I bought all 43 yards, and still feel both sides of the foot squeeze


Air Jordan 32 this time there is no such problem, 43 yards the same shoes, both sides will not feel crowded, but there will be no awkward vamp deformation, but felt in front of a long section.


In order to actually prove that Cheap Air Jordans 32 is wider than 31, and intuitively embodies, we have to make something similar to lasts. So we used gypsum material, placed in the shoes, dried, taken out, made similar to this model, we will see more clearly.


The next step is to measure its length and width, and the quadrangle is used to mark a circle around the sole. The measured aspect ratio of the Air Jordan 32 is 2.7 to 1, length 27.4 cm and width 10 cm. Shorter than the shoe box on the field of 1 mm length, may be a bit error.


It’s actually a historic event that we finally put on a wide sneaker for so many years of wearing narrow Jordan,¬†but it feels like there is not a lot of people feeling maybe because I’m wide-legged. In fact, in addition to the surface design, the most important thing is the shoe last, but also the last shoe is a threshold, not a small factory can make it, I have seen a small factory direct steal with the big shoe factory, we can see that the data The acquisition and the final shoe last build super important, but also our own domestic brand shoes to do one of the threshold.

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