Air Jordan 4 First Class

In the long history of sneakers, we are familiar with many PE colors and countless joint names with relatives and friends. We have to admire the creativity of Nike and Jordan Brand in this type of sneakers. Although this type of sneakers is very far away from us ordinary players, I believe that players who love sneakers will be quite happy even if they just feast their eyes on them.

Recently, Jordan Brand brought a PE color matching Air Jordan 4 exclusively for the WNBA. The entire pair of shoes was designed by Kelsey Amy. Friends who are interested may wish to learn about this female designer’s story from a sneaker customizer to becoming a Jordan Brand color designer.
This time, the popular shoe model Air Jordan 4 is used as the design blueprint, and the upper is decorated with green in different saturations, bringing a very rare visual effect. The high-quality leather material highlights a more luxurious texture. The most eye-catching design is the hangtag that comes with the shoes. It is made of metal. It can be seen that it is thick and heavy. Taking “First Class” as the design concept, you can see the words PDX of Portland International Airport in Oregon, as well as the Jumpman LOGO and crackles. On the back is the WNBA LOGO, revealing the identity of the entire pair of shoes, which are specially created for WNBA players to inspire their pioneering efforts in sports and social change. Another highlight is the gold-plated details of the entire pair of shoes, including gold-plated Jumpman LOGO, gold-plated shoelace buckles, gold-plated shoelace heads, etc. This pair of fake Jordan 4 is sold cheaply in the online store here. If you like it, you can go in and take a look.

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