It is still a “simple to the extreme” style, and it is also a luxurious texture experience with “full specifications”. This pair of BESPOKE Air Jordan 3 also uses high-grade cowhide leather uppers, and the lining is made of sheepskin, which is comfortable to wear and skin-friendly. This time, the third generation of shoes is more simple in design. Only the most original lines and contours are retained, leaving us with the delicate texture and light luster of the material itself.

It can be seen that the customizer is very particular about the selection of materials when designing. The main body is made of glossy calfskin, and the surrounding area is lined with nubuck leather, which is simple and layered. Although the heel is left blank, it feels like it contains more meaning and brings more room for imagination. The tongue of the shoe retains the bright red Jumpman embroidered logo. Friends who left a message last time and said “there is not even a logo” should be satisfied this time.

This pair of shoes reinterprets the classic theme of “black cement” in a more simple and elegant way. The combination of black and gray, and the bright trapeze embroidery on the tongue is the finishing touch, making the upper of this pair of shoes low-key and versatile, but also hiding dazzling elements. The genuine leather lining and tongue provide a comfortable wearing experience, which is really a wonderful enjoyment. There must be many fans who are upset that they can’t buy it. Where to buy fake Jordan 3? Which store is guaranteed? You are lucky to have found us, and the online store recommended here can meet all your needs.

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