Michael Jordan – The best basketball player

Roger Cumberbatch completes his series of pieces on the best basketball players of all-time and ends in right way with the greatest player of all, Michael Jordan.

Greatness is defined as the quality of being great in size, skill, achievement or power. In basketball, fans and media alike tend to equate greatness with championships. 

This obviously is a flawed method for evaluating the best talent to ever grace an NBA court.  Shaq was the largest and most physically dominant player. But he is not even the greatest center of all time. 

Lebron James has competed in 10 NBA Finals, but only won 4.  Bill Russell won 11 titles as a player, and 2 more as a coach. 

All of these players could be named as the greatest of all time, but we have reserved the coronation for one player. 

There exists only one player in history with; 6 NBA Finals appearances, a record of 6-0 in the Finals, winning three in a row twice.  No player has had, or ever will have, the overall impact globally on the sport of basketball the way he did.  Based solely on statistics, this could be a debate until the end of time. Whatever, Michael Jordan is the best of The 10 Greatest Players In NBA History. 

Humble Beginnings

Born Micahel Jeffrey Jordan to mother Deloris, and father James, parents who probably would never have guessed that their son would become the greatest basketball player on Earth. fake jordans

They Cut Michael Jordan?

Michael Jordan was only 5’ 11” in high school, and was actually considered too short to make his varsity team. It would not be the last they would see of Jordan.  Working relentlessly in summer, stringing together a bunch of games where he lit up the scoreboard for more than 40 as a junior varsity player and growing 4 inches. Michael would make the varsity squad the following year. 

Averaging over 25 points per game in each of his last two seasons in high school and being named to play in the Mc Donald’s All-American game, all indications were that Jordan was coming. 

College Days – Michael at UNC

Michael would continue to grow his game, which was a combination of smoothness and precision, while he waited for the certain flood of recruitment letters that would be coming his way. Jordan was sought after by some of the country’s best basketball programs such as Duke, Syracuse, and Virginia. 

The Draft

3 NBA teams will forever be linked to the drafting of Jordan out of college.  Unfortunately for two of the teams, it is not in the manner that they would have imagined. 

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