Air Jordan 3 Eminem

At last year’s NFL Super Bowl halftime show, rap legend Eminem performed on stage, attracting a crowd of Hip Hop fans. And the pair of Air Jordan 3s he wore under his feet also became the focus of countless shots. After all, as long as he has anything to do with AJ, the price is basically astronomical. The appearance is based on the classic Air Jordan 3 “Fire Red”, except that the crackle pattern is replaced with a classic cement color. In terms of details, Eminem’s classic reverse E Logo appears on the tongue, making it highly recognizable. Open the tongue and there is the classic Slogan of “HI! MY NAME IS SLAM SHADY”. The “fill in the blank” decoration on the heel also echoes this Easter egg. As a customized work exclusively for Eminem, it is definitely impossible to sell it on the market. You can take this opportunity to enjoy your eyesight and gain something. But here we can provide you with replicas of air jordan 3.

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