The most expensive pair of the “AJ collaboration” released this year actually costs more than 3,000 US dollars!

This year’s Air Jordan collaboration is so popular!

Whether it’s last week’s “new barb” Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 Low Golf or Chris Paul x Air Jordan 1 Low, the current market is really not low.

Among the A Ma Maniére co-branded shoes, this pair of Air Jordan 12 may not be the most popular, but it must be the most cost-effective.

Regardless of color matching or texture performance, it is also the first choice in the same price range, and the white model is only about one hundred US dollars. At the same time, it is a high-top shoe like Air Jordan 12, which is very suitable for autumn and winter.

This pair of Union LA and Air Jordan collaborations has attracted the attention of many players because of the woven design of the upper. At the same time, the overall beige covering has a somewhat high-end feel. The current price is US$50 above the original price, which is still acceptable.

As the first exclusive sneaker launched by Jordan Brand for Chris Paul after 8 years, the overall design is full of sincerity. The flower embossed design on the upper is very eye-catching, and it is reasonable to think that it is currently $100 higher than the market price.

Thorn embroidery Swoosh, Chicago color matching, deconstructed design, mandarin duck shoe body, when these advantages are combined on this pair of “Thorn Rose” Air Jordan 1, it really doesn’t look too handsome! Because it is a WMNS specification, the quantity of large sizes is not large, and the current market price of large sizes is upwards of US$300.

This wave of linkage between Jordan Brand and its own brand Nike SB has brought the popularity of Air Jordan 4 to a higher level. Not only is it highly topical, but its market price has been rising above three hundred dollars.

Last year, A Ma Maniére and Jordan Brand jointly created a pair of “blue and white” color Jordan Air Ship limited to 2,300 pairs, which was deeply loved by sneaker players. In August this year, both parties brought the A Ma Maniére x Jordan Air Ship SP in black and white.

This joint shoe created by J Balvin and Jordan Brand, the editor can’t say too much to say that it is the most beautiful AJ! The rainbow design on the heel of the shoe is something even Mr. Qiao can’t put down. The current market price is more than 400 US dollars, which feels quite reasonable. There is also a pure black color matching that will be launched next year.

The last hook that TS mentioned was originally limited to the Air Jordan 1 version, and the golf shoe model was not included. It really made him understand. The overall design inherits the consistent desert atmosphere of TS, supplemented by the black barb Swoosh. In our opinion, the appearance is still very high. The market price is still relatively expensive, about $800.

As one of the most important collaborations in the first half of the year, it has been on the market for so long and is still the hottest shoe at the moment. The overall price is not as exaggerated as previous generations, and has always been stable at around $800.

When it comes to this year’s most popular co-branded shoes, this pair of Edison’s last dance before leaving Nike shocked everyone. Limited to 250 pairs worldwide, equipped with luxurious wooden boxes, and limited only to relatives and friends, this wave has gathered most of the elements of “sky-high-priced shoes”! Currently, only a small part of them are circulating in the market, and the market price has also risen to 3,000 US dollars, which can be exchanged for six pairs of “Black Barbs”.

The above is the market price list of this year’s Air Jordan collaboration. If you want to buy cheap and affordable Jordan shoes, you can come to our website to buy them. The quality will definitely satisfy you.

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